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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beer Review - Blue Point Brewing Sour Cherry Imperial Stout

As promised I am back making an honest to goodness effort at making more consistent posts.  To start things off I am doing a review of Sour Cherry Imperial Stout by Blue Point brewing out of Patchogue, NY.  The aroma is soft roast, a little chocolate a just hint of tartness from sour cherries.  It's initially sweet with the chocolate notes translating well from the aroma.  The medium-full body coats the mouth well and allows the flavor to develop beautifully as it warms in the mouth.  The finish is sweet with the faint flavor cherries coming through as well as a slight tartness that gives the impression of a slight dryness.  Overall an excellent variation on the sometimes uninspired imperial stouts that are out there.  That's not to say those beers aren't good or excellent examples of the style, it's just nice to see something different.

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